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July is "Parks Make Life Better" Month

By SCMAF, 07/08/24, 3:30PM PDT


SCMAF is continuing our partnership with the California Parks & Recreation Society (CPRS)  to raise awareness about the benefits of parks and recreation throughout California and to raise the status of parks and recreation as an essential community service. 

This resolution recognizes the importance of equitable access to local parks, recreation, trails, open space, and facilities for the positive development of all Californians and their communities. We, therefore, declare the month of July 2024 as Parks Make Life Better!® Month.
WHEREAS, Parks and Recreation promotes physical, emotional, and mental health and wellness through organized and self-directed fitness, play, and activity; and
WHEREAS, Parks and Recreation supports the economic vitality of communities by partnering with local businesses and non-profits, and offering events for resident’s engagement; and
WHEREAS, Parks and Recreation creates memorable experiences through youth sports and enrichment activities, teen centers and programs, senior activity centers, adult fitness, and enrichment programs, free community events, and beyond; and
WHEREAS, Parks and Recreation fosters social cohesiveness in communities by celebrating diversity, providing spaces to come together peacefully, modeling compassion, promoting social equity, connecting social networks, and ensuring all people have access to its benefits; and
WHEREAS, Parks and Recreation supports human development and endless learning opportunities that foster social, intellectual, physical, and emotional growth in people of all ages and abilities; and
WHEREAS, Parks and Recreation strengthens community identity by providing facilities and services that reflect and celebrate community character, heritage, culture, history, aesthetics, and landscape; and
WHEREAS, Parks and Recreation facilitates community problem and issue resolution by providing safe spaces to come together peacefully and serving as key points of service, helping our communities heal both physically and emotionally; and
WHEREAS, Parks and Recreation sustains and stewards our natural resources by protecting habitats and open space, connecting people to nature, and promoting the ecological function of parkland; and
WHEREAS, Parks and Recreation supports safe, vibrant, attractive, progressive communities that make life better through positive alternatives offered in their recreational opportunities; and
WHEREAS, Parks and Recreation remains versatile and innovative in providing vital services to communities through local, national, or global emergencies, all while adhering to guidelines set forth by governing agencies; and
WHEREAS, The California Park & Recreation Society has released a statewide public awareness campaign, “Parks Make Life Better!®” to inform citizens of the many benefits of utilizing parks, facilities, programs, and services; now, therefore, be it resolved that the citizens of California recognize the importance of access to local parks, trails, open space, and facilities for the health, wellness, development, inspiration, and safety of all Californians; and be it further resolved, that we declare the month of July 2024 as “Parks Make Life Better!®” Month.