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By SCMAF, 07/07/15, 4:30PM PDT


South El Monte, CA – July 7, 2015 – More accidents and personal injuries involving children occur during the summer months than any other time throughout the year, according to the National Safety Council. Children involved in sports camps and traditional summer camps increase the risk of accidents and injuries. SCMAF now offers coverage to its membership to cover camps that do not fall under the SCMAF Class Insurance Program.

Instructional Youth Camps

  •   $3.00 per person per week                                               
  •   Week consists of 1 – 5 consecutive days of coverage

Sports Youth Camps

  •   $3.25 per person per week
  •   Week consists of 1 – 5 consecutive days of coverage



Commercial General Liability – Atlantic Specialty Insurance Company

General Aggregate Limit (Other Than Products – Completed Operations)                    $2,000,000

Each Occurrence Limit                                                                                                                        $1,000,000

Products – Completed Operations Aggregate Limit                                                                 $1,000,000

Personal and Advertising Injury Limit                                                                                              $1,000,000

Damage to Premises Rented to You                                                                                                     $100,000

Medical Expense Limit (other than participants)                                                                               $5,000

Abuse and Molestation per occurrence                                                                                                 $250,000

Abuse and Molestation Aggregate Limit                                                                                               $500,000

Automobile Liability                                                                                                                                    $1,000,000

(Hired auto/Non-owned autos) – Combined single limit per accident                                       


Participant Excess Accident Medical – AXIS Global Accident and Health

Maximum Accident Medical Limit                                                                                     $15,000

Deductible per Claim                                                                                                                $100

Accidental Death and Dismemberment                                                                            $5,000

For more Information on SCMAF’s new Youth Camp Insurance, please contact Devin Loreto at (626) 448-0853 Ext. 11 or by email


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About SCMAF:

The Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation (SCMAF) is a non-profit, California Corporation founded in 1949 with the mission of creating healthier communities through sports and physical activities.  Over 500,000 youth and adults participate in SCMAF programs annually.  Over 700 members in seven different membership categories compose the professional memberships of SCMAF.  The organization encompasses 10 Southern California Counties from over 200 cities and agencies serving a general population of over 15 million people. For more information about the Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation, visit