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SCMAF Hosts 55th Annual Swimming Championships

By SCMAF Staff, 08/09/18, 2:00PM PDT


SCMAF held their 55th Annual Swimming Championships at the Splash! La Mirada Regional Aquatics Center in La Mirada. On a very hot Saturday in August, over 750 swimmers looked to the pool for a break from the heat.

In what looked like the biggest endorsement for E-Z Up, the grounds of Splash! were covered in tents as teams prepared for the swim meet. The smell of sunblock and chlorinated water dominated the senses as swimmers waited for their early morning opportunity to hit the water for warm-ups. As the music played, the swimmers finally hit the water and swam with grace up and down the length of the pool readying themselves for the days events.

After a brief coaches meeting with SCMAF Executive Director Tim Ittner and the SCMAF Swim Committee, the meet was about to begin. The older swimmers started off the meet with the 100-Yard Freestyle and then the younger swimmers took over competing in the 25 Yard-Butterfly. As all the competitors worked their way across the length of the pool, the heat would not be a factor for the spectators looking on as they cheered with such vigor for all swimmers, young and old. The meet went off as smooth as the water in the pool in the early morning as the meet finished on schedule with the older swimmers finishing things up in the 50-Yard Freestyle. Medals and ribbons were then collected by the team coaches and ceremoniously placed around the necks of the proud athletes who worked so tirelessly this summer to earn them.

After the meet ended, the Splash! grounds were cleared faster than one could imagine. Tents and signs were taken down, trash cans were all full and the crowds made their way to the parking reflecting on the day's event. 

A big thanks goes to the Splash! La Mirada Regional Aquatics Center for once again allowing SCMAF to host this annual event. To all the parent volunteer timers and officials who were instrumental in making sure the races were accurate and fair. To all the coaches, parents/guardians and athletes who put in the hard work over the summer to prepare for the meet. And lastly, all the SCMAF Meet Directors, Agency staff and volunteers who successfully hosted the Association Qualifiers and SCMAF Swim Meet. Their untiring devotion to the sport of swimming mostly goes unnoticed because of the successful events they facilitate, but seeing the smiles on the athletes faces as they step out of the pool is reward in of itself.

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