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Background Screenings


SCMAF Partners with SSCI as Official Provider of Online Background Screening Services

SCMAF Background Screening Solutions

SSCI is the proud official partner of the Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation (SCMAF). Our Background Check Program for California Parks and Recreation, Youth Sports Organizations (YSOs) and HR Departments will help your organization go beyond California LiveScan Checks and keep your community safe!

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SSCI California Background Screening Solutions

California LiveScan Background Checks Miss Out-of-State Records

Partnership Information

As SCMAF continues to grow, we have a duty to protect our members every chance that we get.  As an organization that serves children we have an obligation to exercise 'due diligence' with regards to protecting its members and organization. Because of these reasons, we have decided to partner with SSCI for our Online Background Screening Services. This partnership was created to provide SCMAF agencies and the organizations using their facilities with an essential service to better manage the entire process of performing volunteer and employee background screenings. SSCI is the only online Risk Management company endorsed by SCMAF.

By conducting this background screening, we are verifying access to our organization. It also offers peace of mind to discerning parents when choosing a youth sports organization for their children, because we are being pro-active. SCMAF will be using a third-party company (SSCI) for all information, validation and screening. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the SCMAF Office or SSCI contact (listed below) for more information. Remember, this is for the benefit of your coaches, participants and guardians. We strive to provide the best service to our membership and their communities.  

SSCI Proudly Serves Over 60 California Agencies Including:

Compare your findings to your peers in California and see how California DOJ LiveScan could be missing records from outside the State of California!

Parks & Recreation

SSCI's background screening solutions for California Parks and Recreation go beyond LiveScan Fingerprint checks to provide a detailed applicant history.

HR Screening Solutions

Our Background Check Program is designed to help your HR Department handle the screening process from start to finish. Learn about our Online Management System where your applicants can submit their screenings online!

Youth Sports & Coaches

The SSCI provides screening packages for your Youth Sports Organizations and Leagues in California. Go beyond LiveScan Checks to ensure that your coaches, referees and volunteers have been fully vetted.